Ultimate Name Practice Toolkit


This name practice toolkit has student name writing and spelling pages as well as alphabet practice!

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Each year, I make up a Each year, I make up a name practice bag that includes activities such as the ones from this set. Students come in after breakfast and work on our name toolkit for the first two-three months of school. This has been a valuable tool in getting us off to a good start in recognizing the difference between letters and words, count letters in our names, recognizing the letters and their sounds, and writing our names. Included are:
Editable Class Sign-in Cover and Sign-in sheets
Editable name page
Editable name graphing page
Editable letter and number tile page
Monthly Signature Name Book (to color and track progress)
52 Letter and Sound Identification Activities (2 letters to a page)
26 Letter Poems (chanted to “Shave and a Haircut” song)


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