Student Phonics Dictionary Aligned to SOL


Help your littles to develop a word bank they can return to again and again! Each time you roll out new phonemes, give students a place to record words they can make with them. Each page has writing spaces for words with a mini poster of the phoneme/grapheme, a word, and an object for the sound(s). Use as a part of your whole or small group instruction in conjunction with your sound wall.


  • Dictionary Cover
  • Mini Vowel Graphemes Wall
  • Mini Consonant Graphemes Wall
  • 18 vowel pages with graphic featuring the sound, word with sound and how to mouth the sounds

long e, short i, long a, short e, short a, long i, short o, short u, schwa, aw, oo, long u (flute) yu (music), ar, or, ou, oi



  • 27 consonants pages:

b, c k, d, f, g, h, j, t, l, m, n, p, r, s, v, w, y, z, x, qu, er, th, sh, zh, ng, wh, ch


Print the front and back covers on card stock, laminate, then bind with your favorite binding



To see a sample click HERE


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