February March Sight Word Activities


By this time of year, we have assessed students and determined who would benefit from intense intervention with sight words. I created this February Sight Word set to give students additional practice spelling and then reading sight words in context.

Prep: Print the sight word cards, laminate and cut apart.

Place cards and recording sheets in a center tub.

How to play the game:

Students place the cards face down, then take turns drawing

cards until all words have been traced or colored on the

response sheet. (these cards can be sorted into sets for each

week of lessons 21-24 of Journeys, or they can be sorted to fit

your own sight word order).

I highly recommend organizing and printing each week’s set into

a booklet. Students should make this part of their independent

reading every day, then keep the booklets from each week in

their tubs for review. I have found this highly successful.

Words covered in this set:

make, them, give, play, say

new, said, was, then, good

ate, could, she, over, her

all, when, some, he, away

must, no, by, there

Download the Preview File for a sample of what is in the packet!




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