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Use this “toolkit” every day to help students with name acquisition! They will know how to write and spell their names correctly in a short time.

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This editable name activity toolkit is something I do every day in kindergarten for the first two months! It is a sequential activity that achieves results. Kids see and spell their name 3 times, gain letter writing practice and more! I think you’ll love this product! Grab your popcorn and watch the video! Type the student name, and all pages with the name will populate. Less typing!

Before school begins, make tiles for all students and put in a small zipper seal bag, then place in the pocket of the binder. Activities 1-3 are in sheet protectors for letter tiles and dry erase practice.

Suggested use for letter tiles:

One day a week I had students to do a cut/paste version of the letter tile page. This was an informal assessment of their progress.

This lesson takes about 20 minutes for students to do all activities in the binder. If they do the cut/paste version, allow 30 minutes. This fits easily into the first period of the morning. It can also be the I’m DONE activity throughout the day whenever students have time to work on it.



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